The Role of Music in Child Development

The Role of Music in Child Development

As parents, children’s music can drive us absolutely nuts.  We have listened to the same Raffi CD over and over again until we want to tear our hair out but before we do that we need to realize the role of music in child development.  It needs to be entertaining for your children to listen to and not necessarily the parents.  Kids have pretty short attention spans so it has to grab their attention quickly.

Simple and repetitive

Kid’s music is simple and repetitive and that allows your children, even the very young ones to learn the songs quickly.  The can join in and sing along making music interactive, when they can sing along they are going to be able to listen for a longer span of time before they get sick of it.  Unfortunately, we as parents will get sick of the music long before our kids do.

Music as a Teaching Tool

Music is a great teaching tool, think of the alphabet song, you probably learned the alphabet through song.  Teachers have been combining music with traditional learning for decades.  Singing is interactive and it is an easy way to get kids interested and to remember the subject matter.  The kids hear the music and start singing along and having fun, completely unaware that they are learning at the same time.  Memorizing a song allows them to learn the subject matter, making music an incredibly valuable teaching tool.  Here is how music is used in the classroom.

Kids are constantly finding new things that they don’t always understand, and it is not always tangible things.  Kids can have a hard time dealing with their own feelings, sharing for example is often a difficult lesson for other kids to learn.  Music is a great way to help them learn to deal with and grasp feelings that they don’t understand.  They can learn that being sad or angry is okay and you can help them deal with this emotions constructively rather than destructively.

Music is critical to a child’s development as a  teaching tool and as a source of pleasure.  Even as adults we use music to make ourselves feel better.  Music can make us more productive and improve our moods, we can commiserate when we feel sad or lonely.  We can’t begin to comprehend the effect music has on us, even those of us who don’t play an instrument or carry a tune.