Music and Your Baby

Music and Your Baby

Parents will often start singing to their children while they are still in the womb.  Once they are born it seems perfectly natural to us to sing them to sleep at night.  Many mothers can be found in a rocking chair with their babies singing them to sleep.  At the same time we don’t really think about how this may benefit the baby, we are simply going on instinct.  There are countless benefits to music and music and your baby seem to go together.

Music is soothing

Adult or infant, music is soothing to the soul and you will find that when your baby is fussy or upset that singing to them comforts them.  It also gives the mother the chance to remain calm when dealing with a fussy baby.  Looking after an infant is exhausting and it is hard to calm a crying child when you haven’t slept yourself, singing to the baby keeps both of you calm.

Babies can learn rhythm

When you sing to your child and they like it they begin to become familiar with patterns and rhythms in music, even infants have favorite songs.  A baby can understand things like pitch but only once they have been exposed to music.  Babies can feel rhythm and when they hear music that they like they will start to move and get excited, almost dancing.  Next time you play music just watch how your baby reacts.

Music helps them learn language

Most music, but children’s songs in particular have lyrics that rhyme.  Rhyming is pleasing to the ear and your baby can develop an ear for rhymes, this in turn helps them learn language.  Song lyrics and poetry are closely intertwined and children develop language from birth to around age 5.  You can teach children new words and language easily through song and music.  You can start teaching them about the world around them through music, expose them to age appropriate music as soon as they are born.  They learn language by trying to emulate the sounds they hear, as they get older it helps them develop a bigger vocabulary.

Never underestimate the power of music and how it can help your children develop.  Music is such a huge part of self expression and creativity and all kids should be encouraged to listen to and embrace music.  Music makes us want to move our bodies and it soothes our souls.