Toddler Parenting 101

One of the toughest stages of raising a child has to be the toddler years, toddlers are full of energy and if you turn your back for a second they have climbed to the top of the fridge.  They are totally without fear or social boundaries and you love them more than anything.  That doesn’t mean you don’t want to tear your hair out after chasing a toddler all day.  Here are some tips to help both of you get through the day.

Kids Hate Surprises

It is really hard to make a toddler do something right away, they need some type of transitional warnings.  When you tell your toddler it is time to leave the park for example, you may end up with a toddler tantrum.  Break it to him gently, start reminding him about 20 minutes before hand that you will be leaving and remind them every couple of minutes.  It will make leaving that much easier.

Let them be Independent

Toddlers want to try everything all on their own.  Let them try as long as it isn’t dangerous.  Keep your house kid friendly and let them have a cupboard where their things are located.  Small plastic glasses or small snacks they can get themselves.  Yes, it might be messier but it is well worth it for both of you.

Let them Burn off Energy

Toddlers have more energy than any other creature on the planet and yes, it is exhausting trying to keep up.  Let them burn off some of this energy so it doesn’t drive both of you crazy.  If you can let them go outside and run, get a trampoline that they can jump on or let them do something physical throughout the day.  It will make bed time easier for both of you.

Logic Just Doesn’t Work

Your toddler isn’t an adult and doesn’t think like one, they simply don’t understand verbal reasoning.  Sometimes you have to be the parent and put those mitts on anyway.  And yes there will be tantrums because the sandwich is cut wrong.  Here is some help negotiating with a toddler.

Praise Often

Some kids respond far better to reward then they ever will to punishment.  So whenever your toddler does something praiseworthy let them know.  It does not have to be an elaborate production sometimes it can be a high five or simply a “good job”.  They need to understand that good behavior gets rewarded and bad behavior does not.